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  1. Nearly Natural Faux Trees Green - Green Triple Bamboo Palm Tree Decor

    Green Triple Bamboo Palm Tree Decor. A decorative planter holds this silk plant crafted with realistic foliage.Includes one green silk palm plant and one brown planter (two pieces total)33'' W x 43'' H x 30'' DPolyester material / iron wire / wood /...


  2. Nearly Natural Faux Trees Green - 5.5 Bamboo Tree & White Tower Planter

    5.5 Bamboo Tree & White Tower Planter. Evergreen with a tropical twist, this realistic faux plant takes your space's style down to the islands without you having to worry about watering. 66'' H x 28'' diameterStyrofoam / iron wire / polyester / bamboo...


  3. Nearly Natural Faux Trees Green - Green 6' Mini Bamboo Silk Tree

    Green 6' Mini Bamboo Silk Tree. Refresh a room with this artificial tree featuring a bamboo silk design. 11.5'' W x 60'' H x 2.5'' DPolyester / plastic / natural trunksImported


  4. Nearly Natural Faux Plants Green - Green Climbing Pothos Arrangement

    Green Climbing Pothos Arrangement. With realistically lush leaves bursting from brown stems, this artificial arrangement brings a natural touch to your space.24'' W x 63'' H x 24'' DPolyester / plasticImported


  5. Rare Hoya Patella Fuzzy Leaves Pink Wax Flowers Tropical Vining Plant

    You’re getting the plant shown or similar Will ship in their potsBlooms are on the mother


  6. Nearly Natural Floral Green - Selloum Glass Vase

    Selloum Glass Vase. Bring a bit of the outdoors in with this artfully arranged faux greenery that offers maintenance-free elegance. 27'' W x 29'' H x 19.5'' DAcrylic / glass / plastic / iron wireImported


  7. Nearly Natural Floral Yellow - Yellow Phalaenopsis Arrangement

    Yellow Phalaenopsis Arrangement. Enjoy the look of everlasting fresh blooms with this floral arrangement that requires little to no maintenance and includes the planter for a complete design.Includes arrangement and planter (two pieces total)28'' W x...


  8. Nearly Natural Floral White - White & Gray Cymbidium Vase Arrangement

    White & Gray Cymbidium Vase Arrangement. Creative a welcoming atmosphere in your space with this life-like floral arrangement that is nestled in a decorative vase. 30'' W x 34'' H x 24'' DAcrylic / plastic / polyester / iron wire / glassImported


  9. Nearly Natural Faux Trees Green - Green 6' Weeping Ficus Silk Tree

    Green 6' Weeping Ficus Silk Tree. Refresh a room with this artificial tree featuring a weeping ficus silk design.45'' W x 72'' H x 45'' DPolyester / plastic / natural trunksImported


  10. 4 Packs Fake Plants Mini Artificial Faux Plants with Flowers for Decor Indoor

    【Unique collocation】Our faux plants are made of carefully selected plants and flowers. 【Quantity&Size】Includes 4pcs fake plants with flowers, The fake potted plants are 7.18" tall and 4.7" wide, and the pot is 2.76" tall and 2.56" wide.


  11. Nearly Natural Faux Trees Green - Raphis Palm Faux Tree

    Raphis Palm Faux Tree. This faux raphis palm tree has a lifelike design to fit your decorative ideas. Includes faux tree and nursery pot (two pieces total)34'' W x 72'' H x 34'' DPolyester / wood / plasticImported


  12. Nearly Natural Faux Trees Green - Green Variegated Ficus Potted Tree Decor

    Green Variegated Ficus Potted Tree Decor. Lifelike tree decor that features realistic details. 90'' H x 46'' diameterPlastic / iron wire / polyester / natural wood trunkImported


  13. Nearly Natural Floral Green - Artificial Fishtail Palm Silk Tree

    Artificial Fishtail Palm Silk Tree. Infuse your space with a lush feel when you decorate with this artificial fishtail palm silk tree complete with highly realistic thick foliage. 32'' W x 54'' H x 32'' DPolyester material / plastic / ironImported


  14. Nearly Natural Floral Red - Red Faux Rosebud in Clear Cylinder

    Red Faux Rosebud in Clear Cylinder. This faux floral display features realistic rosebuds in a cylindrical vase. Includes faux floral arrangement and vase20'' W x 32'' H x 20'' DPolyester / plastic / iron / glassImported


  15. Amaranth PYGMY'S TORCH Dwarf 16" Containers Dried Flowers Non-GMO 1000 Seeds!

    Grow Heirloom Amaranthus - Plant Pygmy's Torch Amaranthus Seeds. When moving your seeds outside, sow them 1.5 to 2 feet apart. Amaranth is drought and heat resistant, so it is only necessary to water once or twice a week during dry periods.


  16. Nearly Natural Floral Dark - Fuchsia Phalaenopsis Orchid Vase Arrangement

    Fuchsia Phalaenopsis Orchid Vase Arrangement. This faux floral arrangement's bold blooms brighten up your living space with a touch of nature-inspired appeal. A delicate design offers welcoming style enhanced with a crisp white vase. 16'' W x 23'' H x...


  17. Nearly Natural 9107 5-Ft. Fiddle Leaf Fig Artificial Silk Trees Green

    Standing at 5 feet tall, this artificial fiddle leaf tree has multiple trunks that rise and give way to an abundance of large, dark green leaves. This faux tree would look great in a home or office setting. Arrange it in your waiting room to give it a...

  18. Nearly Natural 2' Sweet Bay Artificial Tree Green

    This faux sweet Bay tree is modeled after the popular Mediterranean tree. Use this as a whimsical touch in your kitchen or dining room, or use it to decorate your patio or pool deck. The thoughtfully chosen white planter is included and lends a solid,...

  19. Nearly Natural 9106 58-in. Olive Topiary Artificial UV Resistant (Indoor/Outdoor) Silk Trees Green

    A single lush head of UV-resistant greenery sits atop a stem with this 58" olive topiary artificial tree. The elegant but simple design makes it a perfect fit for an office setting that features many neutral, white, or dark colors. Place it next to a...

  20. Artificial Flowers Plastic Fake Plants UV Resistant Home In Outdoor Garden Decor

    Arrange them in a rustic pitcher for a french farmhouse decor, or turn into hanging garland for outdoor patio. Designed for outdoor indoors decoration,These lifelike fake flowers add a charming charm to your front porch, walkway, garden,kitchen.


  21. Nearly Natural 5690 Paradise Palm Artificial Sand Colored Planter Silk Trees Green

    This artificial Paradise Palm tree is perfect for softening up your Entertainment space. The beautiful lush Green fronds of this ornament spread out over realistic thin stems that create a cool, tropical look. With a Sand colored Planter and River...

  22. Nearly Natural 5968 Banana Tree in Wooden Planter

    Unique and exotic banana tree offers year-round greenery without visiting the tropics. Large, textured green leaves and faux fruit fan apart for a realistic appearance. Place next to a side chair or desk for a pop of greenery. Includes wooden planter....

  23. Nearly Natural Bells of Ireland Silk Arrangement Green

    These delicate faux bells of Ireland rise gently up from a sleek glass tapered planter. At 36 inches, it's the ideal size to be a dramatic accent to any corner in your home or office. Made from premium materials, you can enjoy this versatile faux plant...

  24. Nearly Natural 9128 6-Ft. Elegant Ficus Artificial Silk Trees Green

    With a mix of light and dark green leaves growing in three tiers, this ficus artificial tree is the perfect piece to add a natural appeal to your space. Standing at 6 feet, it would look great when positioned behind your couch in your enclosed porch,...

  25. 5 Bright Pink Yellow Orange Plumeria Seeds Plants Flower Perennial Seed 502

    Make sure the swollen end is at the bottom and the seed wing is at the top. Allow part of this wing to stick out of the soil. So, I reused an empty 2.5 gallon (9.5 liter) empty mineral bottle as the pot for transplanting.


  26. Nearly Natural 6151-S4 19" Mixed Stephanotis & Ivy Hanging (Set of 4) Artificial Plant Green

    This set of four mixed artificial stephanotis plants will create a dramatic display on your interior wall, enclosed patio or porch. You can now enjoy a hanging plant without worrying about drips and spills--or if you have enough floor space to...

  27. Nearly Natural 9131 5-Ft. Elegant Ficus Artificial Silk Trees Green

    With three full tiers of variegated green and tan leaves, this artificial ficus tree would look great in a home or professional setting. You can position this 5 foot tree in your waiting room near the front desk or behind an end table that is situated...

  28. Nearly Natural 6060-S3 40" Pothos Hanging Bush (Set of 3), 3 Piece

    Light green with yellow variegated heart-shaped leaves flow freely from it's hanging position. Pothos hanging bush is a luscious 40 inch waterfall of leaves. Place the Climbing plant up on a high window sill, a vintage wardrobe, or above a kitchen...

  29. Nearly Natural Calla Lily in Rounded Glass Vase 9" White

    Three artificial Calla lily blooms rise out of the rounded glass vase. Inside, their stems swirl together into the faux water. This Calla arrangement has been carefully crafted for realism and beauty. Use it as a centerpiece for your next dinner party...

  30. USA SELLER 25 Seeds Orange Hydrangeas Flower Ground Cover Plant Garden Plants

    (Hydrangea anomala ssp. petiolaris ) is among that select group. Sun Exposure: Part shade. Color : Orange.


  31. Nearly Natural 5433 7'H Bamboo Artificial Tree UV Resistant (Indoor/Outdoor)

    Adorned with 2,400 leaves, this 7' tall bamboo tree is constructed with the finest hand crafted detail. Uv resistant leaves provides capability for indoor or outdoor use. Place the lifelike bamboo arrangement to fill space with dimension or added height.

  32. Nearly Natural 6173-S3 28" Fall Vanilla Grass (Set of 3) Artificial Plant Green

    Several wavy shaped, grass-like foliage extends upward, packed closely together in this artificial fall vanilla grass plant. Burgundy grass accents the green, giving this piece added depth. Its size means it can be used to decorate tight spaces, like a...

  33. Nearly Natural 2219-S12 29 in. Lotus Artificial Leaf (Set of 12) Silk Flowers Green

    The wide leaves of this artificial lotus leaf add dimension and intrigue. This set of 12 would look great placed amongst your favorite faux flower mix and arranged on your desk for a natural feel. Or, place them amongst your favorite faux flower...

  34. Nearly Natural 1710-WH Cymbidium Orchid Artificial Tall Cylinder Vase Silk Arrangements White

    At 20 inches in height, this artificial cymbidium orchid arrangement features a bundle of lush, vibrant blooms that will soften the mood in any room. Encased in a tall cylinder vase with a bed of river rocks underneath, this cheerful arrangement will...

  35. USA SELLER 25 Seeds Blue Purple Hibiscus Flower Seeds Plants Garden Planting

    Growing hibiscus is an easy way to add a tropical flair to your garden. When you know how to care for hibiscus plants, you will be rewarded with many years of lovely flowers. Growing Hibiscus From Seeds.


  36. Nearly Natural 8415 Silver King Artificial Black Glass Vase Silk Plants Green

    Featuring a lush collection of cascading variegated green leaves, this 27-inch silver king artificial plant is the ideal piece to bring intense greenery to your interior space. This highly realistic artificial plant makes a timeless centerpiece or...

  37. Nearly Natural 4' English Ivy Topiary Artificial Tree Green

    Enjoy the timeless beauty of a spiral cut faux English ivy topiary tree that looks like it took years to train and grow. You'll never believe it's not the real thing. A pair of these makes a Grand statement in any entryway or conference room. Comes in...

  38. Nearly Natural 2277-S6 18-in. Magnolia Artificial (Set of 6) Silk Flowers White

    The magnolia artificial flower comes in a set of six. It possesses a single white bloom that accents the soft cushion of green foliage. If you want to decorate a surface with limited space, then this 18-inch piece is the perfect choice for you. Bundle...

  39. Nearly Natural 1207-YL Dancing Lady Silk Flower Arrangement, Yellow

    Named for their resemblance to dancing ladies with flowing dance skirts, our Dancing Lady with vase brings a bit of that graceful rhythm to you. Each flower is a rich complimentary set of colors that will please someone viewing up close, or admiring...

  40. Red Canna Hawaiian Bulbs Big Red Flower Lot Of (3)Tropical Plants 6'-8' Organic

    These are beautiful Big Red Flower Canna bulbs. Giant red cannas love full sun and lots of water. They are easy to maintain and make a beautiful tropical privacy screen for a patio, a stunning centerpiece for flower beds, or a great way to add natural beauty in a row along your fence.


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