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  1. Victorinox 6.7606.L118 3 1/4" Paring Knife with Yellow Handle

    Outfit your prep tables and stations with this handy, Victorinox 6.7606.L118 all-purpose utility knife! Capable of slicing vegetables, fruit, and other items, this knife will greatly aid in preparing food for cooking and serving. This knife features a...


  2. Dexter Russell S137PCP 8.75 in. Oyster Knife

    With 4 Blade and Handle

  3. Victorinox - Swiss Army 7.8991.4 10" Sharpening Steel w/ Combination Cut, Loose Ring, Black Handle

    The Honing Steel by Victorinox - Swiss Army: Sharpening Steel, 10 combination cut, loose ring, black plastic handle, with hangtag ( Victorinox - Swiss Army - 7.8991.4 )


  4. Mercer Culinary M20410 Genesis® 10" Forged Carving Knife with Full Tang Blade

    The Mercer Culinary M20410 Genesis® 10" forged carving knife is ready to slice and carve your toughest pork, beef, and ham. Sporting a long blade, you can achieve large, even slices of meat, poultry, and fish with smooth, easy cuts. This carving knife...


  5. 8” Serrated Slicing Knife Stainless Steel Carving Blade Never Needs Sharpening

    The unique triple set serrated edge design creates pockets of air that reduce food sticking, creates less friction and prevents the tearing that's common with other knives. Let the knife do the work for you and cut through any food with ease.


  6. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Signature 7 Piece Knife Block Set, Black

    The Twin signature 7-piece knife block set by J.A. Henckels International makes your tasks easier in the kitchen. Set includes: Parer knife: 2.75 in Length Parer knife: 4 in Length Serrated utility knife: 5 in Length Chef's knife: 8 in Length Steel...


  7. Dexter Russell S104-3PCP 3 1/4" Sani Safe Paring Knife Set w/ Polypropylene White Handle, Carbon Steel

    The Paring Knife by Dexter Russell: Sani-Safe (15383) Cook's Style Paring Knife, 3-1/4, stain-free, high-carbon steel blade, non-slip, textured, polypropylene white handle, Perfect Cutlery Packaging, NSF Certified, Made in USA (3 each per pack) (...


  8. Dexter Russell P156HG 6" Boning Knife w/ Soft Black Rubber Handle, Carbon Steel, High-Carbon Steel Blade

    The Boning Knife by Dexter Russell: Sofgrip (11143) Boning Knife, 6, hollow ground, stain-free, high-carbon steel blade, oft gripblack handle, finger guard for secure grip, Made in USA ( Dexter Russell - P156HG ) - The Dexter Russell P156HG boning...


  9. Victorinox - Swiss Army 7.8991.14 10" Diamond Oval Sharpening Steel w/ Loose Ring, Nylon Handle

    The Honing Steel by Victorinox - Swiss Army: Diamond Steel, 10 oval, loose ring, hollow rod, nylon handle ( Victorinox - Swiss Army - 7.8991.14 )


  10. Rainbow Silverware Set , 24-Piece Stainless Steel Multicolor Flatware for 6, NEW

    Perfect for families on the move looking for fashion-forward stylish flatware. 【Iridescent Silverware Set】24 piece unique flatware set including 6 Dinner knives, 6 dinner Forks, 6 table Spoons, 6 tea Spoons.This flatware set is made of premium stainless steel with exquisite mirror polish.


  11. Victorinox - Swiss Army 7.6160 Double Melon Baller w/ Rosewood Handle

    The Melon Baller by Victorinox - Swiss Army: Melon Baller, double, rosewood handle ( Victorinox - Swiss Army - 7.6160 )


  12. Victorinox - Swiss Army 7.8991.7 12" Sharpening Steel w/ Combination Cut, Loose Ring, Black Handle

    The Honing Steel by Victorinox - Swiss Army: Sharpening Steel, 12 combination cut, loose ring, black plastic handle, with hangtag ( Victorinox - Swiss Army - 7.8991.7 )


  13. Victorinox - Swiss Army 7.8991.13 9" Sharpening Steel w/ Continental Cut, Loose Ring, Black Handle

    The Honing Steel by Victorinox - Swiss Army: Sharpening Steel, 9 continental cut, loose ring, black plastic handle, with hangtag ( Victorinox - Swiss Army - 7.8991.13 )


  14. Victorinox - Swiss Army 5.2603.15 6" Decorating & Icing Spatula w/ Black Polypropylene Handle, Peggable Sheath

    The Cake Spatulas by Victorinox - Swiss Army: Spatula, 6 flexible, black polypropylene handle, with full service peggable sheath, NSF ( Victorinox - Swiss Army - 5.2603.15 )


  15. 8" Serrated Slicing Bread Knife Stainless Steel Carving Blade Sharp Kitchen Cook

    Instead, use this 8" Bread knife, large enough to make cuts on every loaf, while it's serration allows you to cut without increasing the pressure of your slice. Blade is serrated so that you can slice through loafs without smashing the bread.


  16. Victorinox - Swiss Army 7.6059.9 7" Cleaver w/ Walnut Handle

    The Cleaver by Victorinox - Swiss Army: Cleaver, 7 x 3, 1 lb., walnut handle ( Victorinox - Swiss Army - 7.6059.9 )


  17. Vollrath 48144 Steak Knife - Round Tip, Jumbo Black Plastic Handle, Black Handle

    The Steak Knife by Vollrath: Jumbo Plastic Handle Steak Knife, black plastic handle, round tip hollow ground blade, 4-7/8 length blade, imported ( Vollrath - 48144 ) - The Vollrath 48144 steak knife's jumbo plastic handle's thick structure provides a...


  18. Dexter Russell SGL155NSCB-PCP 24303B 5 1/2" Sofgrip Utility Knife w/ Black Handle, Carbon Steel

    The Specialty & Utility Knife by Dexter Russell: Sofgrip Utility Knife, 5-1/2, narrow, scalloped edge, stain-free, high-carbon steel, non-slip, black, soft rubber grip handle, Perfect Cutlery Packaging, NSF Certified, Made in USA ( Dexter Russell -...


  19. Victorinox - Swiss Army 7.6059.16 7" Cleaver w/ Black Polypropylene Handle

    The Cleaver by Victorinox - Swiss Army: Cleaver, 7 x 3, 15 oz., black polypropylene handle, slip resistant, NSF ( Victorinox - Swiss Army - 7.6059.16 )


  20. Garlic Press Crusher Squeezer Masher Mincer Stainless Steel Manual Kitchen Tool

    Made from stainless steel, high quality and durable. P eels and purees garlic cloves or ginger in one action. Easy to use and easy to clean. 1 Garlic Press. -The premium zinc alloy with a smooth surface allows Garlic Press to be directly washed away with water by simply turning on the tap.


  21. Dexter Russell 12SB-10 10" Smooth Butcher Steel w/ Polypropylene Handle, Carbon Steel, Black

    The Honing Steel by Dexter Russell: Traditional (07313) Butcher Steel, 10, high-carbon file steel, magnetized, smooth, polished blade, nickel plated, black, polypropylene handle with guard and heavy duty ring, Made in USA ( Dexter Russell - 12SB-10 ) -...


  22. Dexter Russell 13341 8" Slicer w/ Walnut Handle, Carbon Steel, Scalloped

    The Carving Knife by Dexter Russell: Dexter-Russell (13341) 8 Scalloped Pointed Slicer, stain-free, high-carbon steel, walnut handle ( Dexter Russell - 13341 ) - Part of the Traditional™ series, the Dexter Russell 418SC scalloped pointed slicer has an...


  23. TOSCANA NFL Seattle Seahawks Icon Glass Top Cutting Board & Knife Set

    Modern and natural lines merge with the NFL Icon, a beautiful rectangular glass cutting board made from rich rubberwood and bamboo with a tempered glass tray and a carved-out section to snugly secure the included stainless steel fork-tipped cheese...


  24. Dexter-Russell Sani-Safe Series S156HG-PCP 6 in. Boning Knife

    This knife features a hand sharpened and honed stainless steel blade. The Grip-Tex handle allows slip-free usage. Ideal for deboning fish, poultry and meats.

  25. Estia Stainless Steel CASCADE Lot of 2 Dinner Forks

    Maker : Estia. Pattern : Cascade. Item : 2 Dinner Forks. Material : Stainless Steel. Marks may vary from those depicted. Price is for a lot of 2.


  26. Thunder Group No.3 Ping Knife, 7-3/4 by 4-Inch

    This 7-3/4" Ping Knife (SLKF005HK) is from Thunder Group. This knife features a cast iron blade attached to a smooth wooden handle.

  27. Dexter Outdoors 7" Scalloped Offset Slicer

    Dexter-Russell, the experts in edges since 1818, offers all of the necessary tools to outfit enthusiasts in the hunting and fishing world. Choose the right tool, blade shape, edge configuration, and handle type to help process your catch. Each cutting...

  28. Victorinox VIC-40286 VN40286 Fixed Blade, Knife,Hunting,Camping,Outdoor

    12" stainless blade. Black polypropylene handle. Can not ship International. Crafted from the highest quality materials. Built for performance and durability. Made in Switzerland

  29. Wusthof Classic Ikon 7 in. Santoku Knife

    The Santoku Knife by Wusthof: Classic Ikon Santoku Knife, 7, hollow edge, forged, high carbon steel, stain resistant, bolster polypropylene handle ( Wusthof - 1040331317 ) - Designed to serve as a long-lasting item in commercial kitchens, the Wusthof...

  30. 20/40/60PCS Kitchen Service Flatware Cutlery Set Stainless Steel Silverware

    Specification: 5 pieces a set:Dinner Knife + Dinner Spoon + Dinner Fork + Dessert Fork + Dessert Spoon Color:Silver   Knife Dimensions: Length: 22.5cm / 8.86 inch Weight: 65g / 2.29oz   Dinner Spoon Dimensions: Length: 20.5cm / 8.07 inch Weight: 50g / 1.76oz   Dinner Fork Dimensions: Length: 20.5cm / 8.07 inch Weight: 40g / 1.41oz   Dessert Fork Dimensions: Length: 19cm / 7.48 inch Weight: 35g / 1.23oz   Dessert Spoon Dimensions: Length: 19cm / 7.48 inch Weight: 45g / 1.59oz      .


  31. Thunder Group No.1 Ping Knife, 9-1/4 by 4-1/2-Inch

    This 9 1/2" Ping Knife (SLKF003HK) is from Thunder Group. This knife features a cast iron blade attached to a smooth wooden handle.

  32. Victorinox Cutlery Performance Cut Resistant Glove

    Victorinox Cutlery PerformanceShield Large Cut Resistant Glove

  33. Victorinox 7.6059.11 12" Granton Edge Straight Slicer Knife with Rosewood Handle

    Cut meats with precision with this Victorinox 7.6059.11 12" granton edge straight slicer knife with rosewood handle! While this stamped knife's straight, granton edge breaks suction to allow for smooth, even slicing, its long blade allows you to easily...


  34. Victorinox 7.9042.S UltimateShield 2 A7 Level Cut Resistant Glove - Small

    Tackle food preparation tasks safely by using this Victorinox 83002 UltimateShield 2 small cut resistant glove! Boasting a soft texture and feel, this 10-gauge glove is made of Spectra fibers that are 15 times stronger than steel, yet light enough to...


  35. Chicago Cutlery 100SP Stainless Steel 3" Kitchen Parer Knife

    Chicago Cutlery kitchen knives. Chicago Paring Knife. 3" blade. High-carbon stainless steel blades with exclusive Taper Grind edge for maximum sharpness. Quality hand construction with full tang and solid brass rivets. Solid walnut handles. Kitchen Knife Type: Paring.


  36. Wusthof 6-in. Classic Black Cook's Knife

    Available in: Black

  37. Dexter-Russell S140N-10GE-PCP 10 in. Sani-Safe Slicer

    This knife features a high-carbon stainless steel blade that has been hand sharpened and honed to produce a superior edge. The duo-edge design features several hollowed-out areas that minimize friction for easy slicing.

  38. Victorinox 40194 Cheese Knife 12" blade 2-handle nylon handles

    Durable nylon handle is NSF approved and dishwasher safe. Even though all nylon handles are dishwasher safe, hand-washing is recommended to prolong the finish of the handle. The double handle allows you to put pressure on both sides of the blade to...

  39. Tablecraft 79K Bread / Charcuterie Board with Knife Slot - 13 1/2" x 7 1/2" x 3/4"

    Perfect for creating an enticing presentation of baguettes, artisan cheeses, cured meats, and other accompaniments, this Tablecraft 79K wooden bread / charcuterie board will add style to your tabletop presentation. The perfect size to serve shared...


  40. Oneida AMERICAN COLONIAL Stainless Heirloom Cube Satin Flatware CHOICE

    ONEIDA CUBE STAINLESS. Handle Type Hollow Handle. Blade Type Paddle Blade. Blade Type Blunt Blade. Blade Type Modern Blade. Individual Individual. Handle Shape Pistol Grip Handle. Steak Knife 9 1/8" Pistol Grip HandleLength 9 1/8".


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