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  1. Nut & Fruit Seed Cake Wild Bird Food, 2.4 lbs.

    Audubon Park Nut & Fruit Seed Cake wild bird food is a simple way to give your fruit- and nut-loving birds their favorite sweet and savory treats. This blend of high-energy raisins, protein-packed peanuts, and nutritious chipped sunflower is sure to...

  2. Mealworm Snack Stack Wild Bird Food, 0.59 lbs.

    Audubon Park Mealworm Snack Stack wild bird food has been carefully crafted to entice a variety of colorful, insect-eating birds. Mealworms and sunflower kernels are combined to create an irresistible treat that is rich in protein and healthy fat....

  3. 10 Pieces Bird Parakeet Cockatiel Parrot Toys Cage Hanging Bell Ladder Hammock

    Specification: Type: Parrot Bird Toy Material: Wood+ Metal + Hemp Rope Color: Multi-color Size: As Picture Shows It is colorful and beautiful, let you and your pet keep a happy mood and add vitality to life. Packaging List: 10Pcs Parrot Bird Toy.


  4. Playfuls Wizard Bird Toy, Large, Multi-Color

    Playfuls Wizard 60962 Bird Toy from Prevue Pet Products is a multi-sensory activity toy, designed to entertain and engage birds on all levels. Physical and Mental toys provide exercise for the body and mind. Keep your bird engaged and stimulated with...

  5. Preening Trio Ball Toy, Small

    The You & Me Preening Trio Ball Toy helps fulfill your bird's instinctive need to preen and maintain feather health. This toy is ideal for small birds, such as finches and parakeets, and features corn leaf pom poms and a tassel. It also includes a...

  6. Bulk Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae for Birds Ducks Chickens Hen hamster Treats

    【Premium Quality】 100% Natural Non-GMO Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae. BSF larvae are the perfect treat to help keep your chickens healthy. Boosts immune system and improves health. 【Healthier Product】Our grubs for chickens promote stronger eggshells and help hens regain normal energy levels and egg production.


  7. Circular Perch Swing Toy, Large

    Add this You & Me Circular Perch Swing to give your medium to large sized bird a soft, cotton place to land on. This comfortable place to rest can be paired with a variety of perch sizes and varieties to help support your bird's foot health.

  8. JW Pet Millet Spray Holder, 8 IN, Assorted

    Designed for a bird's well-being. Millet sprays easily slide into the plastic holder for your bird to snack on. Suitable for parakeets, canaries, cockatiels and finches.Can hook onto the bars of a cage or hang from an Insight Treat Stick Holder....

  9. Wholesale Bulk Dried Mealworms for Wild Birds Food Blue Bird Chickens Hen Treats

    This makes them easier to manage for indoor and outdoor animals. In fact, they’re rich in calcium, protein, and other vitamins. Chickens with proper nutrients can lay healthier eggs that are higher in essential fatty acids.


  10. Gourmet Wild Bird Cake, 2 lb., 2 LBS

    This 2 lb. cake is packed with all the right ingredients to attract all sorts of feathered friends, and it's held together with delicious real honey!

  11. Spray Millet 16 oz., Pack of 24

    Natural sun-cured spray millet, for parrots, cockatiels, parakeets and other pet birds. A delicious and nutritious daily treat! An excellent source of protein and carbohydrates. Offers foraging activities which relieves boredom.

  12. Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae Chickens Feed Birds Treats Natural Food Bulk BSFL

    5 / 10 / 11 / 22 / 44 LB Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae Chickens Feed Birds Treats Natural Food Bulk BSFL. It will help eggshells stronger and baby chicken/birds better growing up. - Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae Bulk BSFL.


  13. Paradise Cotton Zig Zag Perch, 64 IN, Multi-Color

    Your bird will love the shape & feel of this cotton zig zag perch. Bend perch to desired shape/length & you will establish a new path! Provides a simple, cost effective way to enrich your bird's environment.

  14. Paradise Cotton Bungie Swing, 96" L X .9" Diameter, 96 IN, Multi-Color

    Your bird will love the shape & feel of this cotton bungie swing. Natural motion is both comfortable & comforting to birds - simulates a swaying tree branch. The spiral bounces up & down & swings from side to side.

  15. JW Insight Birdie Basketball Bird Toy

    Includes an easy-grip screw and nut. Attaches securely to almost all cages with horizontal and vertical bars. Interactive, stimulating bird toy.


  16. Creative Foraging Systems Windmill Foraging Toy, 4.5" L X 5" W X 9" H, 4.5 IN, Clear

    A very advanced foraging device made of durable polycarbonate to stand up to tough beaks. Birds learn to work for their food & learn new behaviors. Easy to use, simply remove top and insert food or treats.

  17. Daily Maintenance, Mini Pellets, 10 lbs.

    This diet is scientifically formulated for the maintenance of healthy adult birds, as well as converting birds to a Roudybush diet. Feed to adult birds that are not laying eggs or feeding chicks. Lories and lorikeets, which will accept this diet, will...

  18. Jolly Jingler Bird Toy, Shreddable Parrot Toy, Chewing Bird Toy, Bird Supplies

    Your bird will put the Jolly Jingler bird toy at the top of his wish list with all of its fun to chew balsa blocks, eye-catching charms and shiny bell! This interactive hanging toy features crunchy balsa blocks, plastic flower wheels, pacifiers and wiggle rings all stacked on a sturdy wire.


  19. E2 Natural Cuttlebones, Pack of 2 cuttlebones, 4.5 IN

    Eco-friendly and healthy. Enriched with oyster shells, omega 3, honey and vitamin B1. Provides supplemental calcium and minerals to your pet birds.

  20. Tropical Teasers Tiki Hut Bird Toy, Medium

    Treat your feathered friend to a dangling delight with the Tropical Teasers Tiki Hut Bird Toy. This hanging bird toy is made with natural coconut husks and other fun materials that are sure to engage and entertain your pet. The variety of shapes,...

  21. [EU Direct] vidaXL 423794 Outdoor Esschert Design Bird Food Feeder Hanger FB145 for Poultry Pet Supplies Dog House Pet H

  22. ZUPREEM Fruit Blend Pellet Large Parrot Bird Food Diet Macaw Cockatoo Amazon

    BREEDING BIRDS. We make sure it's the freshest product when it arrives to your doorstep.


  23. Vita Prima Safflower Formula Small Parrot Food, 3 lbs.

    As part of the family, a good quality diet is just as important for your pet as it is for the rest of the household. That's why we created Vita Prima Safflower Formula Small Parrot Food to have all the essentials for your bird to live a happy and...

  24. Daily Maintenance Small, 22 oz.

    Daily Maintenance, Specially steam-pelleted food designed to retain beneficial nutrients while eliminating harmful bacteria. Give your birds the nutrition they need with no artificial colors or flavors and no animal by-products.

  25. 300'Feet SISAL TWINE 100% NATURAL 1-Ply Twisted ROPE Bird Parrot Toy Craft Parts

    Up for sale is 300' Feet NATURAL 1-Ply Twisted SISAL TWINE. This is the best SISAL twine you can use for your Birds / Parrots. This Twine is all natural, biodegradable and there are NO fillers and NO added oils., It is safe for Birds / Parrots.


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