Turf Builder Rapid Grass 8 Lb. Bermuda Grass Seed

Looking for a high-quality grass seed to enhance the beauty of your outdoor space? Check out the Turf Builder Rapid Grass 8 Lb. Bermuda Grass Seed! This top-notch product is perfect for those who want to achieve a luscious, green lawn without any hassle. With a Landscape Supply Type of seeds and Traffic/Wear Tolerance Level of Any Light, this Grass Seed is ideal for use as both a Grass Thickener and for New Lawn. Boasting a Coverage Area of 10,000 ft², this product offers excellent value for money. The Bermuda Grass Type and 8 lb Product Weight ensure a robust and thriving lawn in the Midwestern, Appalachian, Southern Florida, Southeast, and Southeast-Central Te regions. Get your hands on the Turf Builder Rapid Grass and enjoy the beauty of your lawn all year round!