Korg OT-120 Orchestral Tuner (3-pack) Bundle

The Korg OT-120 chromatic meter-type tuner specifically addresses the needs of the orchestral musician. The OT-120 also includes those "nice touches" born of actual experience in the orchestra pit with features such as a durable, soft case with belt clip to you put your tuner where it will be easily accessible, instead of sitting in your case or on the floor. TH OT-120 also includes a tilt-back stand. Built-in. The angle is ideally suited for playing while standing so the tune is visible. The Korg OT-120 also incorporates a louder speaker in its space-saving new design that makes it easy to hear and hold, while providing better viewing angles. Another component of the OT-120's new casing is a sleek aluminum panel, offering great looks and more durability for years of reliable travel and use.