3D/8X Night Vision Binoculars Infrared Digital Head Mount Goggles for Hunting US

NV8160 Description: Note: It has a 32GB card ♦ In total darkness, the viewing distance is about 300-400 meters ♦ 3m to infinity in low light ♦ 3W 850nm strong infrared spotlight, 7-speed infrared brightness adjustment ♦ 2.7 inch 640 * 480 ultra-high definition TFT screen, 6.5 times window eyepiece magnifying glass, equivalent to 17.5 inch screen viewing ♦ 4 color effects: color, black and white, moonlight green, negative (negative) ♦ 1080P video ♦ P54 ♦ 1.3 Megapixel Star IR Enhanced CMOS Sensor Photo resolution: 12M(4000x3000)、8M(3264x2488)、5M(2592x1944)、3M(2048x1536)、2M(1600x1200)、1.3M(1280x960)、VGA(640x480) Video resolution: 1080P ( 1440x1080@30FPS ),960P( 1280x960@30FPS )、VGA( 640x480@30FPS ) lens F1.0, f=35mm, field of view=8.5 °, aperture 25mm, automatic infrared filter LCD display 2.