Great Hymns of the Faith Hymnal Red Hardcover 1968 Zondervan Vintage

This vintage hymnal titled "Great Hymns of the Faith" is a timeless collection of religious and spiritual songs. The hardcover book has a length of 6 inches, a height of 8 inches, and a width of 2 inches, with a weight of 30 ounces. It was published in 1969 by Zondervan and contains 512 pages of hymns that are perfect for young adults, ages 9-12, and adults. The book is written in English and is a first edition with no narrative type or signed author. It is a great addition to any collection and is perfect for anyone who loves hymns. This hymnal is a classic piece of American religious history, originating from the United States, and is a must-have for anyone who appreciates the beauty and power of music.