Italo CD Laserdance Trans Space Express

Item number: ZYX 24015-2 Artist: Laserdance  Erik van Vliet and Michel van der Kuy once again make a stopover on planet earth from their interstellar journey and bring the Italo Disco & Space Synth fans another brand new album! After their much-celebrated comeback “Force Of Order” in 2016, now comes the “Trans Space Exrpess”. Laserdance had huge success in the 80s with their compact space synthesizer disco sound ("Humanoid Invasion, Powerrun, etc."). In 2016, after 16 years of silence, they made a highly regarded comeback. Due to the overwhelming feedback, there is now a successor again! For fans, the album is an absolute one anyway MUST HAVE… Also be fans of Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Kebu and the like FORCE OF ORDER strongly recommended!   Colonize All Planets 5.08 1/3 Laser d.