18 Trays Dryer Commercial Food Dehydrators Stainless Steel Drying Machine 600W

Food Dehydrator 18 Stainless Steel Trays,Food Dryer for Fruit, Meat, Beef, Jerky, Herbs and Pet Treats,with Adjustable Timer and Temperature Control           Description This 18-layer large-capacity dried fruit machine can be set at 1-12 hours and 86℉ -194℉ intelligently, eliminating the trouble of manual supervision.  360-degree three-dimensional baking, double rows of vents, and metal fan blades greatly accelerate the drying efficiency, visualization of the glass allows you to enjoy the fun of drying, let it dry all kinds of vegetables and fruits for you! Application It is suitable for roasting all kinds of dried fruits, dried tea, grains, bacon, dried fish, herbs, etc., and is better for those who like baking or business use.     Recommended Drying Temperatures for Differ.