[US SELLER] Taramps HD 3000 1 Ohm 3000W RMS Full Range Car Amplifier

Please ask any and all questions before purchasing!HD 3000 1 OhmThe HD 3000 1 Ohm amplifier, is carefully designed with the highest technology, and high performance for automotive sound systems. It is a mono amplifier and its maximum power is 3000W RMS with 1 Ohm impedance, and one 3000W RMS channel. Designed to be applied to various types of car audio systems, whether internal or external, the HD line delivers sophistication and robustness with powerful and mono amplifiers.TECHNICAL INFORMATIONOPERATION CLASSClass DNUMBER OF CHANNELS01MAXIMUM POWER@12.6 VDC - 1 Ohm: 3000W RMS@12.6 VDC - 2 Ohms: 2025 Watts RMS@12.