Meteor Clubman Four Mixer - GLI 5990 Mixer and Other Products

I am offering these items as a piece of History. "Saturday Night Fever" and the lighted dance floor was the beginning of DeeJays in Night Clubs and other venues. Here is what I am offering, Meteor Clubman Four with the correct schematic, Two Technics SL-1200 with Stanton 680EL Cartridges, Two Ortofon Concorde Night Club Cartridges, Two Flight Cases for the Turntables. I have proof of condition of all items. Contact me with any questions you may have. These are very collectable items and a piece of history. To the lucky buyer I will include one of the first DJ Coffins made. Also I am offering a GLI 5990 Mixer and 3 Beatles albums. The Beatles album, Please, Please Me has an estimated value of $5,000 dollars. If you have questions, fill free to contact me. Thank you