The River Of NOS Lovers (The Indian Fighter) DVD New

1870. Scout Johnny Hawks lives on good terms with the Sioux. He is sent to Chief Nuage Rouge to ask him to authorize the passage on his territory of a convoy of emigrants for Oregon. The Indians forbid the Pale Faces to enter their territory because the proximity of a gold mine belonging to them attracts many unscrupulous adventurers. Red Cloud agrees to go to the fort to make a peace deal with Captain Trask. The next day, the convoy left the fort. In the evening, while Johnny lingers in the company of Onahti, Red Cloud's daughter with whom he is in love, two adventurers, Todd and Chivington, get an Indian drunk to tell him where the gold mine is. A brawl ensues in which an Indian is killed. Think of the sending in follow-up. In case of non-receipt of the product, in single shipment, the t.