Raw Sunflower Seeds, No Shell Hulled Kernels, All Natural, Keto Friendly, Vegan

Oh so craveable: pure, plump pepitas!If youre looking for a yummy snack low in calories but high in satisfaction, look no further than Sunflower seeds! These gourmet treats are surprisingly versatile, serving as a sensational snack, baking supply, and trail mix staple all in one. Our premium seeds are grown globally, packed fresh and shipped shelled for your noshing pleasure. Rich in protein, iron and natural anti-inflammatory properties, this variety supports everything from prostate health to digestion to immunity. Grab a jumbo handful when youre hungry, mix up a spicy trail mix or grind some down into a scrumptious mole sauce. Every time you see the Sunflower seeds seal, its safe to dive in knowing youll feel good, feast well and enjoy full satisfaction under our 100% Crackproof Guarantee.