Ed Hardy Body Shots DoubleShot Indoor Tanning Bed Lotion w/ Bronzer & Hot Tingle

Ed Hardy Body Shots DoubleShot Tanning Bed Lotion ♥ Type of Product: Tan Enhancer, Bronzer, Skin Firming, HOT Tingle, Indoor & Outdoor Tanning ♥ Description: For the most intense tanning experience yet… DARE to try Body Shots - Double Shot™! Our world famous Body Shots™ formula just got upgraded! More silicone, higher amounts of bronzers and DOUBLE the heat! Some like it hot… but only the pros can handle the Double Shot™. ---High amounts of DHA, Natural and Cosmetic Bronzers produce seriously dark immediate and progressive bronzing results for an instant pop of color ---Intense tingle stimulates melanin production for a deeper, darker tan. ---Extreme silicone blend locks in tanning results for longer results.