Lot 5 20 50 100 For Funko Pop Protector Cases 4" inch Vinyl Figures Collectibles

Product Features: Sturdy: Made of strong thick sturdy PET plastic, keeps the collectibles safety PET material: The PET protective case can protect your figure collectibles from dust, water, and scratch. Acid-free, UV & environmental protection Perfect fit: 4 inch hard protectors fits compatible with all standard pop figures Easily assemble & stackable: With soft crease and auto-locking bottom, the top and bottom are flat enough, which makes it easier to assemble and stack Extra push-lock tab: Simply push-lock tab to ensure the lid stays securely closed. Ships flat and is very easy to assemble with a top lid that locks into place Crystal clear: Perfect for display your collectibles Easy-peel Film: Easily peel-off Protective film against scratches and fingerprints during assembled Specifi.