Shagbark/Shellbark Hickory Nuts 2022 Crop Organic Two Pounds

Two pounds of Shagbark hickory nuts 2022 crop organic. These are fresh 2022 crop, organic Hickory nuts, from our farm. No pesticides ever used on these trees. These are large nuts ranging from 1-1/4” to 1-3/4”. There are approximately 35 to 40 nuts in a pound. These nuts have had the outer hull removed and have been float tested. All nuts that float are discarded. Please keep in mind that since these are organic, there still may be some natural imperfections. You can use these for baking, feeding to squirrels, decoration, or plant them to grow new trees, or any number of other things. These will be shipped priority mail within one to two Business days of payment. Please contact us with questions.