Remo Ebony Pinstripe Drumhead - 14"

Do you take your drums deep, dark, and dead? Then Remo Ebony Pinstripes are the heads for you. Whether you play classic rock, dance, or doom metal, Sweetwater is sure you'll enjoy the punch and low-end excitement these heads impart to your whole kit. The 15-mil Ebony Pinstripe is comprised of two plies of film: on top, 10 mils of Remo's moody, reflective Ebony film; and underneath, a second layer of 5-mil clear film. These two plies in concert deliver a fat, splat-y attack on snare drums and a warm, satisfying punch on toms. Remo's Pinstripe overtone ring further damps overtones to bring out the fundamental of your drum. Sweetwater drummers love the Ebony Pinstripe's blacked-out look, which works especially nice for the stage.