32ft/26ft/20ft Adjustable Volleyball Badminton Set with Net 4 Rackets Volleyball

Adjustable Height and Width: Set up in minutes for badminton or volleyball with our versatile net set, providing infinite backyard fun. Available for men's (8'), women's (7'4'') and co-ed (7'8'') playing heights by the Eye Bolt system. Remove the middle poles for badminton or adjust the pole position for different net widths (32ft, 26ft and 20ft). Superior Winch System for Anti-sag : Our easy-to-operate winch system offers easier net tension adjustments to maintain the net taut and minimize net sagging for worry-less play. The strengthened guy lines with adjustable tensioners are strong enough to hold the net firmly in different ground conditions. Stand still even on windy days. High Quality Shuttlecocks: Experience a better game with our goose feather shuttlecocks. They allow for a more n.