Nesco American Harvest Dehydrator Trays - FD-1000, FD-1010, FD-1020 and FD-1040

This Nesco American Harvest Dehydrator Trays set includes four trays - FD-1000, FD-1010, FD-1020, and FD-1040 - suitable for dehydrating food items. The trays are made of metal and are expandable, allowing for easy loading and unloading. They are also BPA-free and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. The dehydrator has a single setting/program and operates on 1000 W power. It is electrically powered and has a circle shape. The trays are white in color and have a depth of 3 inches. This food dehydrator is perfect for those who want to preserve their food items for a longer period of time.