Concerto for Two Pianos (Three Hands) Concertos by Arnold / Dyson / Sargent NEW

Experience the stunning musical masterpiece with the "Concerto for Two Pianos (Three Hands) Concertos" by Arnold / Dyson / Sargent. This CD features the exceptional performance of M. Arnold, Phillip Dyson, Arnold / Dyson / Sargent / Ulster Orch / Heikkila in the classical genre of music. The release year of 2007 is a testament to its timeless beauty that transcends generations. The Naxos record label ensures the exceptional quality of the CD, which is available in the CD format. The CD is perfect for piano enthusiasts and collectors as it is a rare gem. Add it to your collection and experience the beauty of the "Concerto for Two Pianos (Three Hands) Concertos" anytime you want.