New Wrench Serpentine Belt Tension Tool Kit 16 Pcs Automotive Repair Service Kit

Description: This item is used for removing and installing serpentine belts on vehicles with spring-loaded belt tensioners.It's works on the Belt.And there are 16 pcs of tools that can remove and install belts on serpentine systems.     Features: 1.Suitable for Chrysler 2.5 3.0 liter, Ford 1.9,2.3, 4.6 liter and GM 3.1 liter engines.   2. Remove and install belts on serpentine systems using 13mm 14mm 15mm 16mm and 18mm hex and both 3/8" and 1/2"square drive sizes.   3. Two extensions can be bolted on for hard to reach areas.   4. 9" bar with 1/2" square drive fits Chrysler 2.5 3.0 liter and Ford 4.6 liter engines.  .