Orbis Books The Gospel Among Religions: Christian Ministry, Theology, And Spirituality In A Multifaith World

A collection of texts and essays focused on how the work of Christianity is affected by other religious traditions. How can Christians relate to people of other religious traditions, or even non-believers whose lives truly embody the unconditional divine love given to all at creation? This question is urgent in the world of the twenty-first century, a world beset with many serious problems and marked by a wide variety of religious traditions that present differing claims. This book explores how we as Christians relate to and engage religious Others in constructive ways as we carry out our tasks of mission and ministry to the world. The first part of this book includes texts, beginning with the New Testament and working through the early church Fathers to theologians of today, that indicate ways forward. The essays in the second part of The Gospel among the Nations explore ways of living together in ministry that broaden and deepen our understanding of other traditions and help us to become more firmly rooted in our own lives as Christians living in a world of many traditions.