Multiple Lens Bluey Character Projector Flashlight | Halloween Accessories

Shine a Light on FunIlluminate your child's imagination with the Multiple Lens Character Projector Bluey Flashlight, a delightful addition to bedtime stories or playtime adventures. This officially licensed flashlight isn't just for seeing in the dark—it's the perfect accessory for a Bluey-themed costume party, projecting your favorite characters from the beloved show, Bluey!Product DetailsWith a simple flick of the on/off switch, this plastic handheld projector transforms from a regular flashlight into an enchanting story-time accessory. It comes equipped with three interchangeable image pieces that slide easily into place, each one ready to cast a vivid Bluey scene onto the walls of your home. Whether it’s during a family camping trip or a nightly ritual before bed, this flashlight projector brings stories to life in a magical, interactive way.Lights, Bluey, Action!Designed for little hands and big imaginations, this flashlight projector encourages play and storytelling in a unique, visually engaging way. It requires three AAA batteries to light up the action, ensuring that the fun starts right away and goes wherever your child does.Perfect for kids aged three and up, it’s a fantastic way to make every day an adventure, enhancing playtime with a touch of Bluey magic. Whether for a birthday gift or a special treat, this projector flashlight promises to light up your child's imagination!