Nasr Laser Keyboard Projector (English And Taiwanese) - Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard Computer Accessories, Projection Keyboard For Iphone, Ipad, Mac.

ENGLISH AND BOPOMOFO LAYOUT - This laser keyboard offers you QWERT and Taiwanese Bopomofo layout on the same projected pattern. VIRTUAL STUDIO WITH 4+ MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS - On the road or in the studio, Serafim Keybo allows you to create your music instantly with built-in music APP. Have a great time with your friends or families by playing piano, guitar, bass, or drums during your get-togethers! MORE ACCURATE - The keyboard layouts of current laser projection keyboards are square keys with no space in between, so its very easy to mistype unwanted keystrokes. Thats why we design the round buttons layout to fix this problem. With our calculated round key design, you wont hit the wrong key again. MORE CONVENIENT - In addition to its multiple functions, Serafim Keybo also serves as your cellphone stand. It can turn your mobile device into a computer within just a second. This feature comes pretty handy when you are live streaming or video recording. 'This portable laser keyboa