Epson Elplp88 Lamp/Bulb For Projectors

After countless hours of use, your projector's lamp may need a replacement, and the Epson ELPLP88 Ultra High Efficiency (UHE) Projector Lamp is the perfect solution. This genuine Epson replacement lamp is specifically designed to fit a wide array of Epson projectors, including but not limited to the PowerLite S27, X27, W29, 97H, 98H, 99WH, 955WH, and 965H models. Engineered with ultra-high efficiency in mind, the ELPLP88 lamp ensures optimal brightness and color fidelity, enhancing your viewing experience. This high-quality, durable projector lamp is user-replaceable, making the process of changing your projector's lamp as straightforward as possible. For installation instructions, please refer to your projector's manual. With the Epson ELPLP88 UHE Projector Lamp, you can continue to enjoy clear, vibrant images from your Epson projector, whether it's for business presentations, educational purposes, or home entertainment. Trust in the reliability and efficiency of Epson, a brand renowned for its superior products and excellent customer service.