Taramps CRX-4 4 way Quality Car Audio Crossover CRX4 Free Shipping

The CRX4 Compact crossover is designed for the audio enthusiast with competition-level sound in mind. It delivers enhanced audio with greater quality, optimizing output with customizable sound adjustments. Technical Specifications: ---12dB / 8th 4-way electronic crossover ---Harmonic distortion (THD): less than 0.01% ---Maximum input level: 8 volts ---Maximum output level: 8 volts ---Separation between channels: greater than 80dB ---Working voltage: 10 to 15.5V DC ---Input impedance: 27K Ohms ---Output impedance: 470 Ohms ---Crosstalk (separation between channels):> ​​80dB ---Nominal consumption: 380 mA ---Power supply: with DC-DC converter switched ---Electronic protection: reversal of polarity ---Recommended wiring gauge is 1.5mm² for positive / negative wires, and 0.