30000mg Ozone Generator Room Air Purifier Smoke Remover Home Ionizer Ozonator

(1) Stainless steel shell, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, long service life (2) 44dB working noise, no product noise at work (3) Small size, can be used in multiple workplaces (4) It can remove formaldehyde, viruses, mold, bacteria, odor and so on. (5) The ozone production of 30000mg / H can effectively act on sterilization and disinfection. (6) Time switch function, easy to use. (7) Make sure there are no people or animals when the machine is working. The machine enters the room and ventilates after working for an hour (8) Used to remove formaldehyde in new houses, odor in cars, sterilization and disinfection in kitchens, toilets, and pet rooms.