La Divina Commedia - Inferno -Dante Alighieri- Illustrations by Lorenzo Mattotti

One of the most important exponents of the so-called "author's comics": Incidenti, Il Signor Spartaco, Doctor Nefasto, Fires and Stigmata, the works that changed the history of European graphic fiction. His activity as an illustrator is intense: he collaborates with important Italian and foreign magazines - "Le Monde", "Vanity", "The New Yorker", "Ventiquattro" - he creates posters, advertisements and animation works. There are numerous illustrated books, including those for children: Pinocchio and Eugenio. Mattotti continues his pictorial research also working on large paintings. In 1998 he moved to Paris where he carried out important cultural promotion campaigns for the Municipality. In 2000 Milan dedicated an anthological exhibition to him at the Porta Romana Museums. If for any reason.