Val Guins Forearm Dance Original Massage Therapy Video On DVD

Combines Efficient Body Mechanics w/ Use Of Forearm & Olecranon As Tools Emphasis On Therapist Self-care Techniques Designed To Benefit Therapists With Different Levels Of Massage Experience Therapists Learn How To ‘Save Your Hands’ Therapist Increase Energy Levels Through ‘Spiral’ Exercise Learn How To Enhance The Client Experience Packaging Is 80% Recycled Material Portion Of Proceeds Donated By Publisher 3+ Hours Of Instruction Discover an invigorating, groundbreaking massage technique that combines efficient body mechanics with the use of only the Forearm and Olecranon as tools. Val Guin’s Forearm Dance is a NEW practitioner-friendly, instructional massage program that focuses on giving a full body circulatory massage combined with the depth and muscular separation found in deep tissue work.