Grade A 52x CD-R 80min 700MB White Thermal Hub (Shrink Wrap) Lot

The CD-R 80 Minute 700MB 52x Disc is a write once recordable compact disc approved for high speed 52x recording. The disc uses an special recording dye for burning at high speeds. Great for documents, images and music permanently on CDs. Manufacturer: Mediaxpo Specification: ** Category: CD-R Media ** Color: Light Green Bottom ** Capacity: 700MB 80Min ** Type: CD-R ** Surface: White Thermal Hub ** Speed: 52X Features: ** Full face hub printable, thermal printable all the way to the center hole - Not compatible with inkjet printers ** Offers A grade quality at an economical price ** Great for high speed 52x recording ** Compatible with most CD recorders and players ** Store documents, images and music permanently on CDs.