(50) Marvel / DC Comic Books ~ Bronze To Modern ~ Mixed Lot

Mixed LOT OF (50) Marvel / DC Comic Books This is a good mix of Marvel DC only comics Bronze to Modern All Marvel DC as the ad indicates. 80% modern, 15% copper, and 1 or 2 bronze books depending on how many orders you buy at a time. 95% super hero but almost no Spideys or Batman’s as I use them in another lot. Lot could include mini sets and runs, average condition is VF+ (conservative grade as I cull out damaged books). This is a great gift for someone just getting into comics and a decent lot of filler for those already in the game. Note, if you order more than 1 lot, there could be some repeats Also if you order multiple lots I may have to ship using Fed ex or UPS as the weight will be too much for free priority