Fits 10-16 Amp Alternator Stator P/N 592830 696458

Fitment: Alternator Replaces 592830, 696458, 691064, 393295 845907 394890 797375 393374 691185  This alternator has 2 yellow wires with a white connector. (Pins: 2 pin) It replaces alternators that had 2 black wires with a yellow connector. For following engines: 445777-0231-E1, 351447-1077-E1, 422447-4059-01, 21A977-0115-E1, 21A977-0165-E1, 21A977-0165-E9, 21A977-0189-E1, 21A977-0197-E1, 21B902-0015-E1, 21B902-0015-G1, 21B902-0022-B1, 21B902-0022-E1, 21B902-0022-E9, 21B906-0020-B1, 21B906-0020-B9, 21B906-0020-E1, 21B906-0020-E9, 21B906-0121-E1, 21B906-0192-B1, 21B906-0192-E1, 21B907-0026-E1, 21B907-0026-G1, 21B907-0028-B1, 21B907-0028-B9, 21B907-0028-E1, 21B907-0028-E9, 21B907-0029-B1, 21B907-0029-E1, 21B907-0029-G1,21B907-0131-E1, 21B907-0132-E1, 21B907-0137-B1, 21B907-0137-E1, 21B907.