PRINCE Ekco Eterna stainless KOREA silverware JAPAN flatware Vintage lot of 17 p

When i brought these home, i thought they were all the same silverware, but there are two different kinds. This is PRINCE. left to right, 3 small spoons 6.5" Korea.. 4 small forks 6 6/7" Korea.. 2 tall ice tea spoons 7 3/8" Japan.. 3 large spoons (1.5" wide) 7.5" Korea.. 2 table knives 8 3/4" Japan.. a cute little ladle 6.5" Japan.. and a large Serving Spoon (2" wide) and 8.5" long CUSTOM STAINLESS JAPAN. the meat fork matches the large spoon.. lovely, gently used. (now for the similar ones, next listing.)