Automotive Interior Upholstery Headliner Fabric 3/16" Foam Backing 60" 17 Colors

UPHOLSTERY AUTOMOTIVE HEADLINING WITH A 3/16” IN. FOAM BACKING 60" WIDE FREE SHIPPING AUTO UPHOLSTERY HEADLINER FABRIC IDEAL FOR REPLACING YOUR CAR AND TRUCK CAB HEADLINER! This is a High Quality 100% Polyester Headliner with a 3/16” IN. Foam Backing and has a Very Soft and Clean Finish on the Face of the Fabric Ideal for Car and Truck Cab Headliner replacement in Vehicles that have a Sunroof / Moon roof and also Great for Lining Gun Lockers,Hunting Cabins, Box Stands and Gun Blind interiors. It is also well suited for the Front of Foam/Mesh Ball Caps, and anywhere else were a High Quality Polyester and Foam Backed Upholstery application is desired.