New Black Trade Gallon Root Garden Container Premium Nursery Pots USA

*Designed with a stability pattern on the inside bottom to ensure your flowers stay upright. *Strong rims and wide base for easy handling and shipping. Length*height*width  1 Gallon 6.5x6.6x4.8inches/16.5*16.8*12.3cm     LxHxW  2 Gallon 8.6x8.2x6.5inches/22*21*16.5cm  2 Gallon SQUAT 8.5x5.9x7inches/21.5*15*18cm  3 Gallon 11x9.6x9inches/28*24.5*23cm  5 Gallon 11X11.6X8inches/28*29.5*20.5cm  5 Gallon SQUAT 12.8X8.8X10.6inches/32.5*22.5*27cm  7 Gallon 14x11x11.5inches/36*28.5*29.3cm 10 Gallon 16x11.8x13inches/41*30*33.5cm 15 Gallon 17.9x14.9x14inches/45.5*38*36cm        .