SJC Custom Drums Pathfinder Series 4-piece shell pack. Miami Teal Satin finish..

For Sale, Mint, As New…SJC Custom Pathfinder Series 4-piece shell pack.This SJC Custom Pathfinder Series 4-piece shell pack ONLY. Includes 7-PlyMaple/mahogany shell pack with 22x18" kick, 12x8" rack tom and 16x14" floor tom, and a 14x 6.5” snare with New Aquarian High Energy 14” head installed. Other drumheads SJC by Evans…Flat black hardware including 1.6 mm hoops and shield lugs. Rack tom comes with L-rod and clamp for mounting to a cymbal stand. (No Other Hardware Included) Miami Teal Satin finishes and prominent SJC badges, not a mark on em….**NOTE– This shell pack is normally a 3pc (without the snare) on-line and music stores for around $779.00 + S&H And Tax…My 4pc is $685,00 Regards, Dennis. **NOTE- Let’s talk about possible delivery on these awesome drums…D.