iPower Reptile Heating Pad Under Tank Heater Warmer Terrarium Heat Mat 4-Size

About this item: Latest Version: Best 3M adhesive paper provides a strong stick to the contact area of the terrarium for optimum heat transfer. Much more solid than similar products in the market, effectively decreases and eradicates the probability of melting and separating Ideal 24-hour Under Tank heater: Also could be a secondary heat source for tropical or temperature reptilian species such as lizard, amphibian, small animal or plant terrariums. Also perfect for germination, home brewing, or Kampuchea Tea Durable material: made of high-quality PVC material, soft surface can be flexible and folded. Easy to clean, convenient to use and low energy consuming. Improving reptile daily activity, appetite and metabolism Excellent Protective Performance:Waterproof and moisture proof design enab.