Video DVD - S.W.A.T. SWAT Fullscreen Special Edition - New WORLDWIDE SHIP

VIDEO DVD - NEW I DO NOT rate CD Cases - they are AS IS All CD's will be packed securely in cardboard and then in a bubble wrapper and sent with full tracking. I cannot ship any other or cheaper way, in order to maintain my Top Rated Plus status. NEW Grading NEW & SEALED: Brand New, as you would buy in a store. USED Please READ before purchase : Almost all of my USED Audio CD's have been stored in leather Case Logic binders and a very long time ago, I threw out all my outer cases and just kept the Booklet and CD to put in the binder. I was originally going to sell them this way, but to have a better purchase experience for you and to prevent damage in shipping, I purchased new cases for most of them. Since it is a new case, I chose to purchase 5.