R22 Refrigerant R-22, Air Conditioner, Large 28 oz. Can, Refrigeration A/C Units

Refrigerant R22 Refrigerant R-22 Air Conditioner, Coolers & Freezers, Refrigerant R-22 (1) Large 28 oz. Self-Sealing Can (1) CGA600 Screw-On Can taper with 1/4" hose connection and internal valve core. Stop wasting all that truck space for a couple of pounds of R22. The can contains 28 oz., which is almost 1.75 lbs. of refrigerant R22 gas. (Note: 16 oz. Equals 1 Lb.) Refrigerant R-22 is used in, Air-Conditioners Heat Pump Systems Coolers and Freezers Some small appliances INTENDED FOR USE BY QUALIFIED, EPA CERTIFIED TECHNICIANS,WHO ARE TRAINED IN THE USE OF REFRIGERANT AND REFRIGERANT HANDLING. **WARNING** *ALWAYS WEAR EYE PROTECTION WHEN WORKING WITH REFRIGERANTS. *ALWAYS WEAR GLOVES WHEN WORKING WITH REFRIGERANTS. *CONTENT UNDER PRESSURE. *VAPOR HARMFUL SKIN AND EYE IRRITANT.