Crock-Pot CSC012X Autostir Pot Of Slow Digital 240W 192.7oz Stainless Steel Inox

The Crock-Pot AutoStir with a capacity of 5.7 L (6 servings) represents an interesting innovation in the sector of slow cookers, it has all the functions of a traditional digital Crock-Pot, to which it adds the exclusive AutoStir element . This model not only cooks but also stirs food during cooking. This means there is no need to lift the lid on the slow cooker recipe, ensuring that the cooking process is as efficient as possible. With a digital timer that can be set up to 20 hours and 2 blades to choose from according to the texture of the recipe, which automatically stir at regular intervals, this slow cooker system takes care of the cooking process from start to finish, with its two heat powers ( High and Low), while the Auto Keep Warm feature makes meal planning easier than ever. Remo.