1 Layer Drawer Stainless Steel Rice Noodle Roll Steamer Cooker Machine USA

Feature: 1. Sturdy and wear-resistant, anti-cutting hands. 2. The entire thick stainless steel plate is easy to clean. 3. The drawer design ensures a better seal and steam can be fully utilized. Practice: Mijiang ingredients are rice rolls. When heated, they are solidified and burned into water. Then brush the oil in the drawer, add the right amount of rice slurry, shake well, and feed the steam into the cage with high temperature steam. After a while, you can bake. Finally add a little sauce and sprinkle with some good garlic sauce. Specification: Material: Stainless steel Size: about 34* 31 *7 cm Color: as shown   Packing included: 1 * Single layer steamer 1 * drawer 1 * Intestinal powder scraping 1 * Intestinal brush 1 * Cork.