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Powerful Air Purification: This advanced air purifier effectively removes harmful substances such as smoke, pollen, dander, hair, odor and more, providing clean and fresh air in spaces up to 215ft². Perfect for creating a healthier environment with an air purifier 360-Degree Air Intake: Equipped with a unique 360-degree air intake system, this air purifier ensures efficient airflow, capturing pollutants from all directions. Experience thorough air purification with this high-performance air purifier Multi-Layer Filtration System: With a multi-layer filtration system consisting of a pre-filter, HEPA filter, and activated carbon filter, this air purifier effectively captures airborne particles and eliminates harmful pollutants. Breathe easier with the superior air purification of this air purifier Finding our replacement filters is easy! Our filters are available for purchase on. Simply search for B0BP78GGQC using the search bar on, and you will be able to find our compatib