Fun Costumes Men's Blue/Orange Dbz Adult Super Saiyan Goku Costume Extra Small

Some people say they are a myth. Other think that they can only come once every 100 years. Vegeta, for some reason, thinks he’s already become a Super Saiyan, even though he’s barely above average in power level.But you are not worried about any of that, which is maybe exactly the kind of focus required to Super Saiyan-dom. The only thing you are thinking is that you have to emerge victorious in this fight, and that the weird purple alien thing basically just exploded your best friend into a million pieces. It sounds to us like it’s time for you to throw on this DBZ Adult Super Saiyan Goku Costume and make the full transformation to Super Saiyan. Your powers will grow immeasurably more immense, your hair will go straight blonde and upright and fearsome, and the jaws will drop on everyone who thought Super Saiyan wasn’t a real thing. You are following in the footsteps of Goku, our greatest planet defender, in conquering your own enemies. So use all that extra power and defeat that alien monster thing.This Super Saiyan costume has everything you need to evoke Goku’s legendary powers whenever you need them: the iconic sleeveless V-neck and blue chest inset to show off those pecs and arms, Goku’s kanji printed on the front and back, and the blue boot covers and matching wristbands to complete the look. Pick up a Super Saiyan wig accessory as well to make sure everyone knows exactly where your power level stands.