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Mary Maxim
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A company who feels they don't need to worry about new customers

by sewcraftymeila, November 7, 2007
2 items less than 16.00 shipping was 7.25 just too high. I called them and they were unresponsive - did not care at all. I told her I was a first time buyer and asked if they had a special discount for a first time buyer maybe half price for shipping and she said "No, sorry." and told her I was on disability, which I am and that I couldn't afford to pay a total of almost $26.00 with shipping for two items and she said "Well I'm sorry but most of our customers can." and that was the end of the conversation.

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Overall Rating: 2/5.0 store rating
I have several hobbies I enjoy outside of epinions. Though I seem to have more trouble finding the time for them lately, I still enjoy them from time to time. The major one is watching baseball. When I do that, however, I am inclined to pick up a book   Read full review...

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