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A review by misslady8ug written on Dec 11, 2007
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This was a FANTASTIC on-line shopping experience! I was kind of nervous about buying such a high dollar item on-line, but I am so glad I took the chance here. They are great! I ordered my item Wed morn and had it by Friday afternoon...and that was just their standard, free shipping! I was just shocked that my item was shipped the same day! Service like that is unheard of these days! My camera (Pentax K100D Super) was perfect, just as promised! You won't be disappointed! I even called to make sure my item was in stock and ready to ship. They in NO WAY try to pressure me into buying accessories. I even had to ASK THEM about a warranty and they advised they will not sell 3rd party warranties since most are scams. They only sell Manufacturer Extended warranties. I was highly impressed by this. They could easily pocket extra money by peddling aftermarket warranties, but they don’t! Also, they do not sell grey market items. I was concerned with this since so many on-line sites do. Well have no fears, you get the real deal and at a fabulous price! They even offer price match! How can you beat that? I will absolutely buy from them again! They have won themselves a lifetime customer!

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