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Trustworthiness of Buyers: 4/5 stars
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On-Time Delivery: 4/5 stars
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Very Good will do business again with eBay

A review by creationsbysue written on Mar 18, 2011
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I have sold several items on eBay auctions also had a store for awhile. I found that it was very easy to sell things if you are selling the right item. I crochet blankets and I have sold quite a few on eBay to as far away places such as France, Ireland, Japan etc so yes my experince with eBay was very good selling wise. 
  also my buying experience was vey good also as I had won an auction paid for the item but then never recieved it then I reported it to paypal and got a refund right away I will again make purchases and sell items on eBay again in the future. So in closing my experience with eBay was very good.

When I had an online store with eBay I had noticed that you needed to keep at least 1 item on auction so more people would look at your store unless they are looking for a certain item.

eBay has made it much more easier for small busness owners like myself to reach many more people then ever before even around the world.

Whatever the items you are looking for you will have a 90% chance of finding the item you need on eBay somewhere in the world someone will have what are looking for on auction or in their on-line store

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