Overall Rating: 1/5.0 store rating
Ease of Ordering: 4/5 stars
Customer Service: 3/5 stars
Search and Navigation: 4/5 stars
Trustworthiness of Sellers: 4/5 stars
Cost of Selling: 3/5 stars
Trustworthiness of Buyers: 4/5 stars
Selection: 4/5 stars
Notification Services: 4/5 stars
On-Time Delivery: 4/5 stars
Sense of Community: 4/5 stars
Auction User Type: null/5 stars

Finally accepted that yougetwhatyoupayfor, andthatpeople without supervisionofcustomer servicewillSCREW youtonoend!

A review by terahd written on Oct 17, 2011
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I started shopping and selling on Ebay about ten years ago. It was a great idea, and they had GREAT customer service, but sadly, it has gone SO far downhill. I have recently completely boycotted them due to a "last-straw" situation. Their buyer protection is a joke. Do NOT be fooled and think they will make it right if a seller  has done you very wrong! Even if the sellers are SO immature, unprofessional, and incredibly offensive, if at any point they simply provided a tracking number, they can do WHATEVER and I mean WHATEVER they want! I also have had issues selling on ebay, because people don't take bids seriously and are like "Oh woops! I don't want that anymore! Just kidding". So you're stuck with whatever fees unless they agree to cancel the transaction, and you're no longer allowed to leave negative feedback to warn other sellers of their ways so they can protect themselves or actually make sure to sell their item to someone who will pay for it! It's all gone to crap and it's ridiculous. The customer service is now totally worthless and not helpful at all. I have promoted and promoted ebay, but I am done! The few dollars you save is rarely worth the trouble! (I typically purchased at least 3-5 items a month, and sometimes MANY more)

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