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Ease of Ordering: 4/5 stars
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Trustworthiness of Sellers: 4/5 stars
Cost of Selling: 3/5 stars
Trustworthiness of Buyers: 4/5 stars
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Sense of Community: 4/5 stars
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Just another overpriced store. Certainly NOT an auction

A review by kccoo written on Jan 11, 2012
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Less and less my experience is good with e-bay.  It has turned into another store with fixed prices.  About 90% of the listings are buy it now and I found that about 80% of the time the price is NOT better than the competitors. It isn't an auction any longer so why do people call it an auction. Auctions don't have fixed prices and reserves.  Picture this the auctioneer grabs the time gives the details, and lets start the bidding 25  do I hear 25 25 25 nope? ok its over.  Nobody is gonna pay the high price.  I  use ebay for research, it's good for research and certainly not selling either. I was stunned at what it cost to sell on ebay.  I remember when I sold something on AUCTION and it cost me 3% total not the 15% it adds up to now.  With all the fees and Paypal only (unless you just so happen to have your own merchant account with someone else that THEY  approve of) you can't afford to sell anything unless your in China.  China sellers are doing quite well by the looks of it.  Well enough said. With the way this nation is buying we aren't having a financial crisis or gas crisis everything is just fine. right?

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