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X10 Sentinel Cameras, and Active Home Software Worst investment EVER!

A review by edub2 written on Jun 19, 2008
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I ordered several thousands of dollars of stuff from them, after explaining to them EXACTLY what I wanted to be able to do.. basically to monitor the camera system over the internet and to control the cameras as well.. I explained that I needed outdoor cameras that were spaced more than 100 feet from the place where they were to be controlled.. I was sent INDOOR cameras, and had to send them back to get their OUTDOOR ones .. which could NOT be controlled beyond about 50 feet.. so WHY DID THEY NOT TELL ME THIS??? I have since purchased a DVR system, with FIXED cameras (from Costco) .. MUCH CHEAPER and actually WORKS!!! THE X10 software goes through THEIR servers, so you are 90% of the time locked out and cannot view your OWN cameras over the internet!

Since their software can only view ONE camera at a time, I had to purchase a bunch of appliance modules and video senders and use MACROS to selectively turn cameras off and on so I could view my cameras.. this system is the worst junk I can imagine!! The cameras KEEP GOING BAD, so I have had to return them (I've returned 3 out of 4 cameras for replacement already).. The FACT that they can't be controlled over the internet is the most annoying thing of all.. I had to install VNC on the local computer to be able to move the 2 cameras that were close enough... OH.. AND THE Sentinel Camera has a viewing angle that does not allow viewing anything horizontally across from where it is installed!! This ONE thing makes this camera the most worthless of all cameras in the world.. I've had to install it way high up on a wall (about 30 feet high), and it still cannot view anything more than 30 feet away because of the angle that it is limited to! I could go on and on about this.. it was the worst investment I have ever made in my life, and I've made some bad investments before.

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