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A disgrace

A review by tuttifruti written on Oct 20, 2011
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I ordered luminary bags, brown, and received white ones. It may not seem like a big deal to you, but the problem is that I could not return them and have brown ones sent back to me since Windy City Novelties only had white bags. And then again, when you look at Windy City Novelties' website, it is full of brown colored luminary bags of all sorts. And the website has a picture of them with a price under each one. In other words, brown luminary bags have their own price under their picture and white bags also have their own price under their picture. Therefore, when you click on the picture of a brown bag, you expect to have selected the color you wanted to purchase. Imagine going to a car dealer to buy a car. You choose a silver color, pay for everything, but when you pick your new car up, surprise... it is white! And you cannot change it because, although the cars in this dealer's display lot are of all sorts of colors, all they sell there are white cars! I think this qualifies for false advertisement and dishonesty. To make things worth, if you call Windy, you'll speak to the most condescending person, a woman who laughs at you as if she was saying: "Got yah!" In my opinion, the way Windy does business is truly a disgrace.

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